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Scavenger Hunt with Friends

Mobile iPhone Scavenger Hunt App

Ditch the paper and pencil.  Go on a mobile scavenger hunt. Traditional hunts entail a lot of elbow grease to organize.  Scavenger Hunt with Friends merges the great world of scavenging with the convenience and flexibility of your smartphone and has every feature you’d wish for in a mobile scavenger hunt. Related PostsUrban Adventure Quest: Smart Phone […]

Temple Square Photo Scavenger Hunt List

Temple Square Square Photo Scavenger Hunt List

This free photo scavenger hunt list is a great example of using architectural ideas as the clues/hints on a list.

Step by Step Guide to Hosting a Pinterest Photo Scavenger Hunt

Pinterest Photo Scavenger Hunt Ideas

A Pinterest Photo Scavenger Hunt is a brilliant way to incentivize your audience to discover more about you as company or as an individual.  By visiting your Pinboards you will expose them to imagery and information relevant to your message, products or portfolio.  But wait its not just for businesses!  Individuals can employ the same […]

Disneyland Photo Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Disney Photo Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Taking a trip to Disneyland/California Adventure? Check out these FREE printable photo scavenger hunt lists from They’ve been publishing photo scavenger hunt lists monthly for almost a year so there are several to choose from. Items on each scavenger hunt list are broken out by “lands” of Disneyland and California Adventure. One of the […]