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Urban Adventure Quest: Smart Phone Guided Scavenger Hunts

Urban Adventure Quest

Urban Adventure Quest: mobile scavenger hunts in Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, San Diego, San Francisco, Washington, Vancouver

Double Sneaky Reverse Scavenger Hunt

Reverse Scavenger Hunt Idea

A reverse scavenger hunt is a great idea for adults and kids: Leave random objects in weird places and observe. Here are a few reverse scavenger hunt ideas.

Scavenger Hunters Anything But Clueless

Scavenger Hunt Ideas Watson Adventures

Bret Watson took note of a sassy illustration on a medieval brass bowl of a woman spanking her husband when he happened to be in New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. Some would take this as a way to criticize art, but in Bret Watson’s mind, this is just another delicious detail that is just […]

U of Chicago Scavhunt 2012 List Highlights

U of Chicago Scav Hunt 2012 Race List

2012 list for the annual U of Chicago Scavenger Hunt has been released. 351 Ideas you can borrow or tweak for your own crazy scavenger hunt. One of the great things about these lists is that they have literally hundreds of ideas that you can borrow or tweak for your own crazy scavenger hunts.

DC Beer Scavenger Hunt

Washington DC Beer Scavenger Hunt Ideas

WASHINGTON – Don’t let the horde of beer drinkers in crazy costumes deter you from hitting D.C.’s bars this Saturday. It’s just the 2nd annual District Beer Hunt running amok.

Booze blogs, J Street and DC Beer, came up with the idea for a scavenger hunt a few years ago and teamed up with local microbrewery Flying Dog Brewing Company to create the first beer scavenger hunt in 2011 which brought over 200 costume clad beer aficionados crashing some of D.C’s best bars clamoring for first prize.