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Disney’s Hidden Mickeys Scavenger Hunt Lists

Disneyland Hidden Mickeys Scavenger Hunt List

One of my recent popular posts was on Free Disneyland Photo Scavenger Hunts so the idea occurred to me to compile a list of resources on a specific Disney topic:


You can read more about HMs (as they’re called) on Wikipedia but suffice it so say there are approximately 1,000 Hidden Mickeys scattered throughout Disney properties – some obvious, some cleverly veiled in architecture or slipped into animated films and all strategically placed by Disney Imagineers over the years.

Following is a list of the better rated Hidden Mickey Scavenger Hunt guides available as paperback, kindle editions and iPhone apps.

~ Happy Hunting!

Disneyland’s Hidden Mickeys: A Field Guide to the Disneyland Resort’s Best-Kept Secrets

Camouflaged images of Mickey Mouse are concealed all around Disneyland’s theme parks, hotels, and shopping and entertainment district. Author Steve Barrett, the “Hidden Mickey Guy”, adds to the fun of finding them by turning the search into three scavenger hunts, complete with lists of clues, hints, and points to be scored. You’ll find scores of new Mickey sightings in this edition—nearly 400 hidden Mickeys in all. Fun for all ages!

Hidden Mickeys Go to Sea: A Field Guide to the Disney Cruise Line’s Best Kept Secrets

HIDDEN MICKEY MANIA, Scavenger Hunting for Hidden Mickeys Clues and Hints
Clues in each hunt will guide you to the Hidden Mickey(s). If you have trouble spotting them, you can turn to the list of Hints at the end of the hunt for a fuller description. The Clues and Hints are listed consecutively, that is, Hint 1 goes with Clue 1; so it’s easy to find the right Hint if you need it.

Hidden Mickeys: A Field Guide to Walt Disney World’s Best Kept Secrets

Hidden Mickeys are partial or complete images of Mickey Mouse cleverly concealed by Disney’s Imagineers and artists in attractions, hotels, restaurants, shops and other spaces in Walt Disney World — just waiting for you to discover them. Now you can find over 1,000 hidden Mickeys in Walt Disney World. Six scavenger hunts offer a list of cryptic clues to Mickey’s hiding places. There’s a hunt for each theme park, plus one for the resort hotels and one for all the rest. Compete with family and friends. Score points for each Mickey you find.

If you’re in to hidden Mickeys, a book like this can mean extra days of fun at WDW.

This book should be included in the packing list of everyone traveling to Walt Disney World…Thorough, handy, and fun.

The Hidden Mouse: A Comprehensive Guide to the Hidden Mickeys of the Disneyland Resort

From the author of Secrets of the Mouse comes the most complete, easy-to-use reference for Disneyland’s Hidden Mickeys — secret tributes to the famous mouse hidden across Disneyland by the park’s designers. A scavenger hunt list of all of the mouse’s hiding places are revealed in 116 beautiful full-color pages featuring hundreds of photographs, helpful tips, and bonus behind-the-scenes information about dozens of rides. Organized for quick and easy reference of any ride or location across the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, The Hidden Mouse is your convenient and comprehensive companion to finding Disneyland’s Hidden Mickeys.

Secrets Of The Mouse: An Unofficial Behind-The-Scenes Guide To Disneyland Park

This guide is intended to be a look at the magic behind the magic of Disneyland Park in Anaheim, and will give the reader a greater appreciation for the incredible efforts and innovations that create the Disneyland experience. If seeing how a magic trick works spoils the fun for you, then you might want to try another guide. However, if you find yourself asking “How do they do that?” when you see an oncoming boulder in Indiana Jones or translucent ghosts in the Haunted Mansion, this guide is here to satisfy your curiosity. This guidebook includes: Behind-the-scenes information for every attraction in the park. Tips on where to spot the special touches and inside jokes. A comprehensive list of the most notable Hidden Mickeys in Disneyland. Puzzles and games to be played while waiting in line for specific rides.

The Disney World Queue Line Scavenger Hunt: The Game You Play While Waiting In Line

The Disney World Queue Line Scavenger Hunt will help you pass the time while waiting in line at the Walt Disney World Resort. It’s a great way to turn waiting in queue lines into an adventure and add fun to your visit! Almost all of the items in this scavenger hunt list can be found from the queue lines at attractions in the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom. Some items are easy to find (perfect for younger participants), while others may pose more of a challenge.

Each scavenger item includes a scoring grid for up to six individuals or teams. An alphabetized list of attractions helps you quickly locate clues when waiting in long queues. Find as many of the items on the scavenger hunt list as you can – such as Hidden Mickeys. Tally your score by marking your team bubble below each item found. At the end of your Disney vacation, add up each team’s total points using the worksheet at the end of the book. Who will be crowned The Disney World Queue Line Scavenger Hunt grand champion?

The Disney World Queue Line Scavenger Hunt features:

– List of items at 70 attraction queues, waiting areas, and walk-throughs in the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom.
– Easy and more difficult to find items at each attraction to encourage participation at all age and ability levels.
– Individual or team play.
– Compact 4×6 size to easily fit into a purse or back pocket.

Tip: Amazon Prime members have access to a few FREE Kindle Edition Hidden Mickey books

iPhone Apps

Disney Hidden Mickey Scavenger Hunt iPhone AppServing as the OFFICIAL iPhone apps to Steven Barrett’s bestselling books on Hidden Mickeys, the mouse hunt is taken to a whole new level of interactivity with this application for iPhone and iPod Touch!

Hunting for “Hidden Mickeys” (images of Mickey Mouse cleverly concealed in Disney theme parks, restaurants, hotels, and other areas by Disney artists and designers) is fun for all and a bona fide vacation mission for many Disney World and Disneyland fans.

Utilizing GPS tracking, your location is scanned and immediately lists the closest Hidden Mickeys to you. If you’re not in the parks, or if you’d rather scroll through the different locations, you are able to browse categorized lists of each Hidden Mickey location. Keep track of which Mickey’s you find with an easy to use built-in scoring system. Keep in mind – this is a scavenger hunt! The score counts if you want it to, so do your best and try to use the least amount of hints as possible.

Whether you’re playing solo or with the whole family, you are able to keep separate user profiles to keep track of everyone’s progress. Spanning both parks and documenting over 275 Hidden Mickeys, this application will add a whole new level of entertainment to your trips to Disneyland!

PLUS: tips, hints and author Steven Barrett’s very own favorite Hidden Mickeys. We’ve also included the use of Game Center, which allows you gain achievements while playing! We’ve even hidden a few of these that can only unlock from certain places inside the park – can you get them all?

True to their name, Hidden Mickeys are elusive. New ones appear from time to time and some old ones disappear. When that happens — and it will — as periodically the application will be updated to reflect these changes, becoming your best source for all things Hidden Mickeys!

Hidden Mickeys Walt Disney WorldHidden Mickeys: Walt Disney World


In this application you’ll discover well over 800 Hidden Mickeys throughout various locations at the Walt Disney World Resort including:

  • Magic Kingdom Park
  • Epcot
  • Disney’s Hollywood Studios
  • Animal Kingdom
  • Blizzard Beach & Typhoon Lagoon Water Parks
  • Downtown Disney
  • EPSN Wide World of Sports
  • Miniature Golf Courses
  • Over 20 DIFFERENT Disney Hotels

Hidden Mickeys - Disney World

Hidden Mickeys Disneyland
Hidden Mickeys: Disneyland


In this application you’ll discover well over 275 Hidden Mickeys throughout various locations at the Disneyland Resort including:

  • Disneyland Park
  • Disney California Adventure
  • Downtown Disney District
  • Grand Californian Resort and Spa
  • Disneyland Hotel
  • Paradise Pier Hotel
  • And Much More!

Hidden Mickeys - Disneyland


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